Hédène - French Acacia Honey

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With its unique crystal clear color, Hédène acacia honey has very refined aromas and an unprecedented sweetness. This product will be appreciated by the whole family.

Hédène acacia honey is sweet and refined.

Harvested in Bourgogne, Jura, in the Chaux forest. With purely traditional beekeeping methods, Hédène acacia honey is particularly fluid and has great aromatic finesse. It's crystal clear color testifies a high quality. It is a sweet and floral honey, with incomparable refined aromas. The taste is lightly fruity. A gorgeous liquid texture, transparent and clear. 
Its exceptional softness makes it a product appreciated by the whole family (including children). The unique crystalline color of Hédène acacia honey is a guarantee of superior quality. It is the perfect substitute for sweetening yogurt, tea or infusions.

Acacia honey blossoming period goes from late April to late June. Harvest happens from mid-May to the end of July.

If you are preparing a brunch for your family or friends, Hédène acacia honey is ideal to go with this friendly moment. In fact, its sweetness and delicacy make it useful and appreciated for multiple occasions: with hot drinks, pancakes, waffles or dairy products. 

Weight: 250Gr