Who we are

We are a European lifestyle store and gifting studio that began with a great idea: to create thoughtful curated gifts, to be given with meaning, intention and a luxury touch. 


With our keepsake boxes and gorgeous products, great attention to detail, passion for quality, craftsmanship, presentation, and an elevated curation of products, we source well-made, hand-crafted items from businesses all around the world.  


In our curated collection of giftboxes and items, each moment is thoughtfully considered and every detail offers a distinctly authentic story.  



Marta has a career specialized on e-commerce and design. After working as a successful jewelry designer, and in a high-end company, Marta decided to draw directly from her experience with the world of elevated, luxury design. Marta is extremely detail-oriented and believes that gifting should always be thoughtful and imbued with meaningful stories.


Nuno has a career as a renowned coach, has amazing product know-how, is a people-person, a problem-solver and a story teller extraordinaire. Nuno continues to expand his original vision by cultivating long-lasting connections and seeking new discoveries from the goods we source, to the partners we sign.