Guggenheimer coffee - Supreme ground

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How good your morning cup of coffee tastes depends primarily on the starting product that is processed. At Guggenheim Coffee, only coffee beans from select coffee farmers are turned into coffee. Great care is taken to ensure that the coffee does not develop unpleasant bitterness during roasting. For this purpose, it is particularly gently roasted for up to 30 minutes.

Extremely slow roasted
In normal industrial roasting, the coffee beans are roasted for 2 – 5 minutes at very high temperatures. The result is coffee that often tastes far too sour and bitter. Good things take time. We take extra time to carefully slow roast Guggenheimer coffee for 30 minutes. Unwanted acids and bitter substances are thus gently broken down.

Barista quality
To give you the finest taste experience, we use only the best quality coffee beans. With much love and care we select the beans. We obtain these exclusively directly from selected farmers from the best coffee-growing regions in the world. We believe that enjoying coffee is one of the most beautiful rituals of the day. Give yourself a break, relax and enjoy this moment, because you deserve this moment.

Full flavor and the finest crema
Guggenheimer Coffee tastes different from many coffees in Germany, which are often 100% Arabica beans and somewhat acidic. For the taste experience known from Italian coffee bars, we also use high-quality Robusta beans. These give the espresso coffee its nutty, chocolatey, slightly earthy and full aroma. Another advantage of Robusta is that it produces a rich and firm crema during extraction.

Quantity: 250g