Bacanha Syrup Brut - Pistache

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Bacanha brut pistachio syrup is an aromatic concentrate of pistachio fruit. Its scent is subtly sweet, its pronounced pistachio flavor is simple and natural ...

The raw pistachio syrup will be a perfect match for your recipes for cocktails and lattes or cappuccinos. The Brut de Pistache syrup goes extremely well with a tall Latte, or with a whisky-based cocktail.

The Bacanha syrups tastes amazing in various cocktail creations with and without alcohol, in homemade iced teas, in smoothies, coffee or teas and are even a delicious addition to cooking and baking.

Ingredients: pure organic cane sugar, water, pistachio natural flavor.

Made in: Paris, France

Specifications: 13.5 oz (400mL) in a recyclable glass bottle

Each bottle of Bacanha syrup makes around 20 drinks.

Further Reading: The Bacanha line of organic syrups is made with carefully selected ingredients. Each syrup’s distinct flavor is achieved using natural extracts. You’ll find no synthetic flavors in the ingredients list. Pure organic cane sugar is used for sweetness in lieu of beet sugar. Cane sugar is superior in taste and thus allows the natural flavors to shine. Made in France using artisanal methods, Bacanha syrups are a great alternative to overly sweet and artificial-tasting cocktail and mocktail mixers and syrups. 

The brut range by Bacanha offers a collection of syrups made from rigorously selected noble raw materials. Our range of products is ideal for adding a touch of originality to cocktails, mocktails and lattes.